Weight loss and good health are not always the same

When they want to be fit and healthy, many people automatically think of losing weight. Some will think to add muscle, but most will focus on the appearance of weight loss.

Nevertheless. Weight loss is not always synonymous with better health.

Oh, there is an excellent chance that in most cases get rid of overweight will cause some areas of physical well-being. Your blood pressure could improve, for example, or your arthritis might not disturb you so much, but that does not mean that your overall health is better because you pour a few books.

The benefits for the total health of any fitness program or nutrition system will depend on many factors.

Your age, sex, current and past lifestyle, your genetic makeup, as well as many other variables will be involved in the overall result.

You can not control your age, sex or genetic inheritance, but there are good lifestyle choices and good problems that can have a strong impact on your health. Choosing the bad, especially in combination, can lead to a general increase, or even a decrease in health, even if one or two specific factors can always be positively affected. However, just as weighing more than a graph says you should not say that you are not healthy, weighing what the graph says does not necessarily mean that you are healthy either.

An example often is that of the muscular athlete who, although in the main fitness, weighs more than graphics say the best weight of physical health.

For most people, overweight creates a risk condition for many health problems in addition to reducing the individual’s ability to enjoy life or have a high level of self-esteem. Simply change the weight to a lower level does not automatically produce better health.

An example.

One of my friends decided that losing weight by nutrition and exercise was too difficult. As a result, she chose to undergo bariatric surgery. After a first initial and significant weight loss, she discovered that a lot of weights finally came back because of her reluctance to change her lifestyle. In addition, because of the disturbance of his body’s ability to extract nutrients from the food she has eaten, she started experimenting with several health problems, including the worsening of a latent condition of anemia. At that time, she is disabled, unable to work or do many things she has previously made fun.

By the same token, choose to lose weight by extreme regimes or, on this subject, by extreme exercise programs, can actually create poor health rather than improve it.

The human body is designed to operate maximum when the affecting factors are retained in a range of values. Move to the outside of these ranges can produce health problems. By the same token, keeping all the factors at a minimum level, for example, do not obtain exercise “sufficiently”, or not ingest the appropriate quantities of the “right” of food or nutrients can also negatively affect its health.

Exercise or diet extremes can be a good choice for the professional athlete. For the rest of us, choose regularly to carry out moderate exercises and to make rational choices of food, both in kind and quantity, is first of all to produce a health condition, or at least one good health than without these choices. Generally, the production of a better state of health will produce a better overall body weight or at least one of the lighter mass than previously. Once this is accomplished, the diet and activity can be changed to produce weight loss.

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