When is the Right Time to go to Rehab?

Are you struggling with behavioural problems, an eating disorder, or an addiction? When is the right time for you to go to rehab?

Many of us don’t believe that we are sick enough to need rehab care. We don’t think that our addiction is as bad as other peoples’, or we don’t see that we have an addiction we are struggling to battle. We see rehab clinics as something that you only get on TV. Especially here in the UK, we think that a rehab clinic is a very American thing. We don’t necessarily realise that they are a core medical establishment here in Britain too.

If you feel the threat of addiction lingering, you might wonder when it’s time to check yourself in to a dayhab or rehab facility. Here’s a little guidance to clear things up.

Going to Rehab Should be Stigma-Free

We are here to tell you that rehab clinics in the UK are just as valid as they are in the US. Just as they are equally as important, so too are the people who attend them equally as undeserving of stigma and shame. Addiction can happen to anyone of us at any time. All it takes is for one moment of grief and weakness to overcome you and before you know it, you have an alcohol or cocaine addiction. We do not judge those who feel the need to go to rehab. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We hold them in highest regard.

When you reach out to a rehab clinic and decide that you are going to battle the beast, this is deserving of no less than the greatest respect. Is a hard thing to do. Maybe the hardest thing you ever do with your whole entire life. It may also save your life. It may prevent an overdose. It’s brave. There are few things in life that are braver. So if anyone tries to diminish you for it: send them our way.

Moving on.

What happens when you check into rehab?

When you check into a rehab clinic, you will first go through a detox period. You will be shown to your room, which you may share if you are getting rehab help on NHS. You will be given medical assistance to stay off drink or drugs should you need it. Your days will then be jam packed with things like workshops, educational sessions, exercise, group therapy, and one on one consultations with clinical psychologists. The aim is to keep you so busy that you don’t think about your cravings while you simultaneously learn how to cope in a healthier way. If you need more information on this you can call Verve Health for a free consultation.

Do I Need to go to Rehab?

If you have Googled this precise question, then the answer is yes. People who have healthy associations with substances don’t search this question. It’s also never too early to check in to a rehab clinic. In fact, the sooner you decide to beat the addiction, the easier it will be and the less it will cost you. Our advice is to sign up today and battle it head on. Don’t let it fester. It will only get worse.

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