Plant-based acne treatment – alternative treatments for your skin

All natural, alternative and herbal treatments are highly sought after by people with all types of conditions, including acne. In most cases, those looking for herbal acne treatment have already tried all medicines and treatments available on the market. Either they have not worked or they have been too damaging to continue using for long periods of time. Many people are also considering natural treatments to be more conducive to global health and stability than treatments derived from chemicals. Many popular acne drugs today are formulated for teenage skin. Adults with acne are therefore very interested in alternative treatments.

If you are looking for herbal acne treatment, you will not need to look difficult to find one. There are many treatments available with new discoveries all the time. Here’s just a few:
Vitamin A – It has been discovered that people with small amounts of vitamin A in their blood are more subject to thrusts and acne. An oral supplement can help.

Vitamin E – have proven that people with vitamin E deficiencies are also more subject to acne and buttons. Do not forget to take your vitamins! A daily vitamin supplement can do wonders for your complexion.

Saw Palmetto – This plant-based dietary supplement interferes with hormone production in men and women who makes it ideal for pre-menstrual eruptions and eruptions of puberty.

Tea Tree Oil – Facial Cleaners Using this product are perfect for acne because the tea tree oil cleans deeply without drying. There are already many facial cleaning products already on the market containing tea tree oil as well as shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics.

Zinc – When used as topical treatment, zinc reduces skin oils, making it more difficult for bacteria that causes acne prosperity.

Chamomille and lavender – Reduce redness and swelling when used as a topic scrub.

Blow Bark – One of the main ingredients of counter-acne treatments, salicylic acid, is a derivative of willow bark. The use of willow bark in a homemade mask is an ideal treatment for acne.

Now that you know some what types of treatments are out there, you just have to know how much a plant-based acne treatment treatment. In most cases, herbal treatments are very affordable. Many of the products mentioned above are available in health food stores that could make them a little more prison. But for the most part, plant-based treatments are more affordable than other types of treatments.

You can even want to mix herbal treatments with other types of treatments for a custom treatment plan that suits you. Be careful, however. If you use multiple types of different topical treatments, they can interact with each other. If in doubt, do some research or ask someone who knows all the herbs you use or even better, ask a health professional.

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