Ten reasons to exercise

Why do the exercise
We all hear a lot to exercise and work and stay in shape, etc. But why, really, should we do the exercise in the first place? Let’s look at some reasons.

Physical reasons
1) Exercise increases health. This is the most obvious reason to exercise. Exercise helps prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, certain forms of cancer and stroke, helps to retain bone density and strengthen your metabolism.

2) Exercise makes you feel better physically. When your body is strong and in good shape, various pains will disappear when moving and identifying the affected and surrounding muscles. In addition, you will feel more confident when you know that your body is well maintained.

3) Exercise can help you sleep better. Give yourself an intense workout and when you go to bed, you will probably sleep more quickly, more rest and longer. As an extra profit, good adequate sleep also helps your body rest and recover and therefore work better.

Emotional reasons
4) Exercise makes you feel better emotionally. Exercise increases the release of endorphins – hormones that make you feel good.
This combines stress and depression.

In addition, the exercise is fun. Seeing being able to walk a little longer or make another pushup is thrilling. Seeing yourself losing a range of body fat or integrate a height a smaller size than the one you wear is exciting!

Financial reasons
5) Exercise allows you to save money. As a general rule, exercise stimulates health and reduces disease spending and disease treatment. When you are in shape, you can record the expenses of having to pay someone to do all your physical tasks for you – mow your lawn, wash your car, walk your dog and so on. You can perform such household tasks as a bonus exercise session. In addition, checking your weight means that you do not need to buy bigger clothes every few months.

Social reasons
6) Exercise allows you to live a more complete life. When your body has developed endurance through exercise, you will be better placed to go up the stairs to visit a friend, play with your children or grandchildren or with your pet, participate in full activities Air and perform your races and tasks freely. to.

7) Exercise helps you look good. Appropriate exercise, associated with adequate nutrition, will help you lose fat and build or keep muscles. This will make your body better, even for yourself. You will look like someone you take care of your body.

8) Exercise can help you make friends. If you participate in Sports or exit at a walk, or join an online exercise forum, you increase your chances of meeting people who share at least one interest with you – exercise. In addition, you will probably feel more confident about meeting people when you are confident about how you look.

Mental reasons
9) Exercise helps to develop discipline. For best results, you must follow a kind of plan with some consistency. Random exercise thrusts will not help you a lot. Develop such a discipline can be useful in another life company, where you can also study relevant information, develop a plan and follow the plan to achieve your goals.

10) The exercise teaches responsibility. If you are a healthy adult and with the freedom to choose, then you are responsible for your body. In many cases, people realize that there is a problem when they see the state of their physical body. Some of them decide to do something about it and take steps to resolve the situation. Learning to take care of your body can also help you assume responsibility for other aspects of your life.

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